Helping families and individuals create an estate plan that is tailored to meet their needs.

Estate Administration / Beneficiary Representation Services

Probate of Estate - Did your family member pass and have a will only, or have no estate planning document at all? If so, then it is possible that their estate may need to be probated, depending on the value of the assets that need to be transferred to the surviving beneficiaries or heirs. A probate is a court supervised administration.

Administration of Trust - Did your family member pass and have a trust? If so, then it is likely that you do not need to administer their assets with court supervision, and can instead seek the help of attorney to administer the trust. A trust generally requires some administration after the person who created it has died. My office will assist you to administer the trust, which generally includes the following services:

  • Sending required notices to trust beneficiaries
  • Preparation of asset inventory
  • Assistance with transfer of assets following inventory, including real property and financial assets
  • Advice regarding your duties and responsibilities as trustee
  • Preparation of trust accountings, when required
  • Consult with your CPA regarding tax returns
  • Preparation of estate tax return (Form 706), when required
  • Prepare necessary court petitions to interpret trust, confirm assets to the trust, approve trustee fees and accountings, and approve trustee actions, when required

Beneficiary Representation

Are you the beneficiary of a trust or probate estate? I can represent you as a beneficiary if you are in need of legal advice regarding your rights as a beneficiary of an estate or trust and regarding the interest that you are entitled to.